The Historic Bus Tour is rescheduled for 18 September!

Due to persnickety Kansas summer temperatures, we have moved the Bus Tour to a (hopefully) more temperate date.  It still leaves from the Frontier Army Museum at 6:30 PM.  Tickets are $3 per person/$10 family, available at the FAM Gift Shop.  See you there!

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The U.S. is mired in an unpopular war and victory seems highly unlikely.  Home-grown terrorists murder citizens at will.  The budget is broken and Congress is not inclined to fix it.  The President is vilified at every turn.  His re-election was close; it hinged on a single state.  Invading enemy armies force the surrender of a border city and 2400 soldiers are marched off as POWs.  The Army and the nation suffer a crisis of morale.


Current events?   No.

In 1812 President Madison and a slender majority in Congress launched America on a war we were unprepared to fight.  Madison was the father of the U.S. Constitution.  However, his skill as a war-maker was limited.  Dr. Rich Barbuto presents the first year of the war in “1812: Madison’s Disastrous War.”  Find out more about the early years of this great republic.


Thursday, 18 April at 7 p.m. at the Riverfront Community Center in Leavenworth.  Come for the wine and cheese at 6:30.



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